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com with geolocation, load balancing, server failover and server health monitoring capabilities. Easy to use browser based control panel. Unlimited domains and records. GLBS features allow the creation of a custom content delivery network using your own servers or recommended partner content distribution networks. Achieve high availability and a global ...

Platform: WindowsWeb Development- Web Site Administration
License: FreewareSize: 0Released: 12 January, 2009
Interaction SIP Proxy 4.0Interactive Intelligence

Interaction SIP Proxy performs day-to-day load balancing, and is inherently capable of performing business continuity and survivable remote site telephony (SRST) during disaster recovery. The Interaction SIP Proxy software complies with RFC3261 and is easy to install and use — simply load it on any Windows®-based machine for a sophisticated ...

Platform: WindowsServers- Firewall & Proxy Servers
License: FreewareSize: 34.7 MBReleased: 29 April, 2012
Forsaken Ops Aurora

Features include automated bans, filtering, and load balancing across all bots connected to Sovereign. Aurora supports a range of moderation functions which are all capable of communicating with other Aurora bots automatically.

A Matrix view is available within the bot, allowing up to 25 channels to be displayed in grid-format, ...

Platform: WindowsGraphic Apps- Other
License: FreewareSize: 726.0 KBReleased: 20 April, 2012
Ahsay Backup Software

* Support of Load-Balancing and Windows Active Directory
These are the features for service providers that have a relatively larger number of clients. The Load-Balancing feature enables a service provider using multiple Ahsay Offsite Backup Servers to better share available resources to improve performance and stability of the backup system.

Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Backup & Restore
License: FreewareSize: 254.6 MBReleased: 12 December, 2012
Continuous Data Protection - Load-Balancing - Windows Active Directory - Vm
LogMerger 1.2a Stefan Pettersson

ve got a website with more than one front-end or a cluster solution with more than one web server for load-balancing reasons, and thus you?ve got more than one logfile for the same period of time. Most log analyzes programs only accept a single logfile, so in order to get statistics you must merge the different logfiles into one. However, it?s not ...

LogMerger 1.2a  by Stefan Pettersson
Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 4.xAudio & Multimedia- Other
License: FreewareSize: 21.6 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009

* Load balancing allows multiple cores to be assigned to a single plugin.

FFRend also supports plugin authoring: a FFRend project can be exported as a Freeframe plugin. The exported plugin is called a metaplugin, because it uses other plugins as components. A metaplugin can be used in any Freeframe-compatible host, and behaves as if ...

FFRend by CKCI
Platform: Windows,  WinXPAudio & Multimedia- Video Tools
License: FreewareSize: 842.5 KBReleased: 07 January, 2012
Video - Effects - Renderer - Freeframe
Propalms Connection Manager 6.5Propalms

The Propalms TSE Connection Manager is a small footprint client which enhances the user’s terminal services experience with features such as application publishing, seamless windows, TSE client policy engine, local
printing and local client drive support. Connections to TSE server are also possible from certain native RDP and non-Windows ...

Platform: WindowsNetwork & Internet- Other
License: FreewareSize: 8.6 MBReleased: 03 May, 2012
CompuMaster - ThinMan 6.0CompuMaster

ThinMan is a software tool that can be installed on any Desktop PC, Server, Terminal Server of the Windows family. ThinMan allows searching all the installed Praim network devices by displaying in a tree view, organizing them in groups such as remote location.

Platform: WindowsNetwork & Internet- Other
License: FreewareSize: 89.0 MBReleased: 08 February, 2012
Barracuda Malware Removal Tool 2.0Barracuda Networks

The Barracuda Spyware Removal Tool is an ActiveX download for Windows computers that performs a comprehensive scan for any traces of spyware or other types of malware. This thorough scan may take several minutes to complete. After the analysis is complete, users or administrators can remove the malware and any traces of malware.

Platform: WindowsSecurity & Privacy- Anti-Virus Tools
License: FreewareSize: 510.4 KBReleased: 18 February, 2012
Securepoint Intrusion Detection 1.0Securepoint GmbH

The Securepoint Intrusion Detection System (SIDS) allows to analyse your
network for intrusion detections. SIDS protects your network from
illegal data packages and scans for possible trojans and viruses. The
tool can be run from any location in your network and is filtering the
whole traffic. The GUI gives you fast access to ...

Platform: WindowsSecurity & Privacy- Encryption Tools
License: FreewareSize: 0Released: 27 January, 2012
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage 1.0McAfee, Inc.

Its multiscanner and multifiler configurations deliver the power of parallel processing for optimal load balancing and flexible failover protection.

Platform: WindowsSecurity & Privacy- Other
License: FreewareSize: 4.4 MBReleased: 06 May, 2012
Synametrics Smtp Gateway 1.0Synametrics Technologies

* Load balancing for out-bound messages - Users can use the Synametrics Smtp Gateway to send out-bound messages to recipients on the Internet. This elevates significant load from your primary e-mail server, particularly if you need to send out-bound messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients.
* Runs on any OS - Synametrics ...

Platform: WindowsServers- Mail Servers
License: FreewareSize: 43.1 MBReleased: 21 March, 2012
FioranoMQa„? 1.0Fiorano Software Technologies Pte Ltd

it provides numerous proprietary features such as scalable connection management, file based data store and load balancing that make it one of the fastest, most scalable JMS servers currently available.
FioranoMQ coordinates all communication between publishing and subscribing applications by using a set of shared Topics as keys to distributing ...

Platform: WindowsServers- Other Server Applications
License: FreewareSize: 256.0 MBReleased: 02 February, 2012
Fastream IQ Reverse Proxy 6.6Fastream Technologies

With Fastream IQ Reverse Proxy Server, you can secure and accelerate your web servers under the Win32/64 platform and virtual machines. IQ Reverse Proxy stands between web server(s) and secures and accelerates them in many ways such as checking HTTP headers, encrypting and compression. It could also do authentication against Windows NTLM user accounts--even ...

Platform: WindowsServers- Web Servers
License: FreewareSize: 9.8 MBReleased: 25 January, 2012
Billion ISDN Utility 3.3ISDN Company

The ISDN Utility includes helpful programs for the Billion mini USB ISDN TA128, such as diagnostic program, uninstallation program, and on-line manual. After Windows installs the driver of your ISDN card, the ISDN Utility may be installed automatically. If the ISDN Utility is not installed, you may install it from the installation CD.

Platform: WindowsCommunications- Other Comms Tools
License: FreewareSize: 1.7 MBReleased: 20 May, 2012
Mizu VoIP Server 5.0.6Mizutech S.R.L

-Embedded firewall and automatic DOS attack prevention
-Easy to manage with all in one management software running on windows desktop
-Feature Reach: IP Centrex style services can be easily handled with Class5 features for your customers
-Sophisticated routing: flowering, rerouting, load balancing, LCR and blacklist filtering.

Mizu VoIP Server 5.0.6 by Mizutech S.R.L
Platform: Windows,  Windows 8,  Windows Server,  WinXPCommunications- Telephony
License: FreewareSize: 76.6 MBReleased: 22 January, 2014
Softswitch - Voip Server - Sip Server - Voip Billing
Quest Storage Assessment Tool 2.0Quest Software

Whether the goal is to reduce physical server count, handle server lease explorations, deploy new storage equipment in the network or perform load-balancing excercises, Quest Storage Assessment Tool offers real value by helping network administrators and online consultants answer critical questions.

Platform: WindowsBusiness- Other
License: FreewareSize: 44.0 MBReleased: 12 April, 2013
gCLUTO (Graphical CLUstering TOolkit)

gCLUTO (Graphical CLUstering TOolkit) is a graphical front-end for the CLUTO data clustering library. Graphical Clustering Toolkit. gCLUTO is a cross-platform graphical software for clustering low- and high-dimensional datasets and for analyzing the characteristics of the various clusters. gCLUTO is build on-top of the CLUTO clustering library.gCLUTO ...

Platform: WindowsGraphic Apps- Editors
License: FreewareSize: 3.3 MBReleased: 15 December, 2012
Karypis - Clustering - Data Mining - Bioinformatics
Cornerstone MFT Server 10.21South River Technologies

Cornerstone closes the gaps in security left by traditional secure file transfer server products:
Secure data in motion using strong security
Secure data at rest - without interim steps that leave data temporarily unsecured
Two-factor authentication using eTokens
Reduce the risks of hacking and network intrusion
Anticipate and avoid security problems with monitoring and alerts

Cornerstone offers a scalable solution that easily grows as your business needs dictate:
Multi-server clustering and load balancing support

Platform: Windows,  Windows Server,  Windows2003Servers- FTP Servers
License: SharewareSize: 49.3 MBReleased: 27 April, 2014
Cornerstone - Windows - Mft - Managed File Transfer
TSplus 12.20TSplus

In a snap, TSplus will enhance your Windows system: Web Portal, HTML5 and RemoteApp client, Seamless application publishing, Universal Printer, Load balancing, Failover, Application Control and much more benefits are provided into this all-in-one solution. Based on a unique HTML5 technology, TSplus Mobile Web is the reliable, scalable and cost-effective ...

Platform: Windows,  Windows 8,  Windows Server,  WinXPNetwork & Internet- Remote Computing
License: DemoSize: 87.3 MBReleased: 15 April, 2019
Windows Xp - Html5 - Windows 7 - Windows 2016
Batch & Print Enterprise 12.01Traction Software

Batch & Print Enterprise software monitors the spool queue of your chosen printer for seamless sequence printing to your desired choice, Other features of this software include Directory monitoring, FTP, SFTP & POP3 Email monitoring, Print scheduler, printer load balancing, pre-processing for converting PDF to Postscript without ...

Batch & Print Enterprise 12.01 by Traction Software
Platform: Windows,  Windows Server,  Win98,  WinXPSystem Utilities- Printer
License: SharewareSize: 74.5 MBReleased: 20 October, 2019
Batch - Print - Enterprise - Pdf
Batch & Print Pro 12.01Traction Software


Batch & Print Pro software monitors the spool queue of your chosen printer for seamless sequence printing to your desired choice, Other features of this software include Directory monitoring, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, POP3 & IMAP Email monitoring, Print scheduler, printer load balancing, pre-processing for converting PDF to Postscript ...

Batch & Print Pro 12.01 by Traction Software
Platform: Windows,  Windows Server,  Win98,  WinXPSystem Utilities- Printer
License: SharewareSize: 72.5 MBReleased: 20 October, 2019
Batch - Print - Pro - Pdf
Windows Media Load Simulator 9 Series

Windows Media Load Simulator 9 Series was developed to be a small tool that simulates a real-world load on a server. The load-test results on the server can be viewed in a log. Windows Media Load Simulator is designed to run on one or more client computers to simulate a large number of client requests.

Organizations are configuring high-capacity ...

Platform: WindowsServers- Other Server Applications
License: FreewareSize: 809.0 KBReleased: 28 June, 2012
Aqua-Air Cooling Load Quick-Calc Metric 1.0Aqua-air

The Aqua-Air Cooling Load Quick-Calc Program will allow you to estimate the BTU/H capacity required to cool a particular area. The only information you need to enter is:
1. Dimensions ( length, width and height ) of the area you want to cool.
2. Type of area to be cooled
3. Maximum outside air temperature to be encountered

Platform: WindowsDevelopment- Other
License: FreewareSize: 1.5 MBReleased: 18 February, 2012
TRACEA® Load 700 1.0Trane

TRACE 700 Load Design provides all of the options and modeling capabilities you expect in a comprehensive load analysis tool, combined with a whole new level of usability that makes load design easy.

We have integrated Load 700 with TRACE 700 to give you the same look and feel and extended capabilities as TRACE 700.

Platform: WindowsDevelopment- Other
License: FreewareSize: 5.6 MBReleased: 10 March, 2012
Local Load

Local Load is a Firefox extension, load common JavaScript libraries from local resources using valid HTML5 compliant custom data attributes. Currently supports all JavaScript files listed on the Google AJAX Library API. Useful for developers.Requirements:
* Firefox

Platform: WindowsNetwork & Internet- Browsers
License: FreewareSize: 4.6 MBReleased: 24 February, 2013
Local Load - JavaScript Framework - Firefox Extension - Mozilla Firefox
Off The Road Winch Load Calculator 1OTR Trading

OTR Trading has made this winch load calculator available to you for you to work out the load that a 4x4 winch would take based on the parameters you feed it. You can use this 4x4 winch load calculator on an electric or hydraulic winch scenario. You enter your vehicles Total Weight and Load Weight, Slope Degrees and Ground Effect Percentage from a ...

Platform: Windows,  Win95,  Win98,  WinMEDesktop
License: FreewareSize: 731.0 KBReleased: 28 July, 2008
Check Page Load

Check Page Load 2.1 Check the Load time of Web Pages <a href="">Check Load Time</a>

Check Page Load 2.1 by
Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 4.xSystem Utilities- System Maintenance
License: FreewareSize: 1.4 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
CandiSoft - Load! 0.7.1CandiSoft

The free program CandiSoft Load! helps users to download files from hosts like RapidShare. It automates downloading files for free- and premium-users of the filehost.

CandiSoft Load! has an integrated decrypter, so that also encrypted links can be downloaded. A image recognition-interface allows free-users to download without entering ...

CandiSoft - Load! 0.7.1 by CandiSoft
Platform: WindowsNetwork & Internet- Download Managers
License: FreewareSize: 15.4 MBReleased: 11 April, 2012
CPUresistor 2.00S?awomir ?aptos

CPUresistor is a small tool that will give you information about the current CPU load. If you change the fan or heatsink on your processor, this program will help you check whether they fulfill their task.

CPUresistor 2.00 by S?awomir ?aptos
Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- System Maintenance
License: FreewareSize: 246.0 KBReleased: 15 June, 2012

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