Software: Limit Switches

PLC Automation Trainer 6.5Automation & Control Systems

Basic of electrical concepts including
a) AC, DC Voltages
b) Control Panel Basics
c) Use and wiring of different Push Button, Limit Switches, Proximity switches
d) Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinder wiring and interfacing with PLC
e) Regulated and SMPS power Supplies
f) Standard Electrical symbols used in industry ...

Platform: WindowsAudio & Multimedia- Other
License: FreewareSize: 3.8 MBReleased: 18 June, 2012
Intuwiz CNC 1.05Intuwiz Software

Application allows to use E-Stop, limit switches and backlash compensation.Intuwiz CNC has been used to control routers, lathes, mills, plasma cutters and other machines.

Intuwiz CNC 1.05 by Intuwiz Software
Platform: Windows,  Windows 95,  Windows 98,  Windows NTBusiness- Math & Scientific Tools
License: SharewareSize: 736.6 KBReleased: 03 December, 2018
Cnc - G - Code Tool Path - G - Code - Tool Path
LUPC: Set time limits on Windows, games 4.23aM.A.

LUPC is an easy-to-implement, user-friendly piece of software designed to help you monitor and limit user time on your home PC(s). LUPC can limit user time on windows session or programs (applications): Games, Internet, STEAM, Counter-Strike, Merlin... Once you have set up all the users accessing the PC(s) in your home, you can then set maximum daily ...

Platform: WindowsSecurity & Privacy- Covert Surveillance
License: FreewareSize: 6.1 MBReleased: 24 March, 2012
LANPoker LANPoker Team

Different AI players and styles are also an option for training Hold'em Limit and NoLimit. Have fun!

LANPoker  by LANPoker Team
Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Card
License: FreewareSize: 13.7 MBReleased: 07 June, 2012
MANAgents 4.2Datacom Systems

With MANAgents™ you can control all of your Datacom Systems switches directly from your desktop with an easy to use interface.
Main features:
- Maintain channel names after analyzer upgrade
- Configure matrix switches for daisy-chaining
- Built-in features to troubleshoot matrix switches
- Use the same channel ...

Platform: WindowsBusiness- Other
License: FreewareSize: 39.2 MBReleased: 10 June, 2012
HoldemRadar 1.0HoldemRadar

Holdem Radar is an award winning FREEWARE No Limit Texas Hold'em Winning Strategy Calculator.

It automatically analyzes your cards and your opponent's moves while you play and provides you with wealth of information and accurate poker strategy advice in real time based on exact odds calculation.

Use Holdem Radar ...

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Casino & Gambling
License: FreewareSize: 62.0 KBReleased: 06 July, 2012
Texas Holdem Real Limit Edition 1.0Selectsoft Publishing

To win Texas Hold’em Limit games, you need a different playing style than you would use to play No Limit games. Designed especially to increase your skill at Limit Hold’em, Texas Hold’em Real Limit Edition’s extensive features make it the most realistic simulation you’ll ever play! And, it’s ...

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Casino & Gambling
License: FreewareSize: 2.2 MBReleased: 06 June, 2012
FREE87 FR-LIMIT (x32) 1.1Philippe DECUYPER

FREE87 FR-LIMIT (x32) is based on the ANALOG87 series which features a set of 5 high quality analog-style VST effects for Windows.
FREE87 FR-LIMIT (x32) is a VST plugin for Windows which are not only easy to use, it sounds good too. Even though some of the controls of the ANALOG 87 versions have been stripped out, you will find it will have a ...

Platform: WindowsAudio & Multimedia- Other
License: FreewareSize: 0Released: 29 June, 2012
Half-Open Limit Fix

Half-open limit fix is a software designed to change the maximum number of concurrent half-open outbound TCP connections (connection attempts) in the Windows system tcpip.sys file.Microsoft first introduced this limit in Windows XP SP2 and it is present in later versions, which purpose is to try to slow the spread of virus and malware from system to ...

Platform: WindowsWeb Development- Web Other
License: FreewareSize: 352.5 KBReleased: 23 January, 2013
OLfix 1.6Quester

OLFix (Freeware) for MS Outlook 97 to 2007 combines some tools for repairing common things like the profile, contact links and features, for example calling the internal Outlook repair command line switches with a click of a button. Also some hidden settings can be set for example reminders in different folders.

Platform: Windows,  Win95,  Win98,  WinMENetwork & Internet
License: FreewareSize: 356.0 KBReleased: 25 July, 2008
On a Roll 1.0ikoncity

Control your ball from the start and try and make it to the Goal area within the time limit. Drop down pipes, ride rails, shoot over jumps and donOCOt forget to pick up the collectables for extra bonus points.

Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 4.xGames & Entertainment- Arcade
License: FreewareSize: 14.8 MBReleased: 28 July, 2008
WinAgents RouterTweak 1.0WinAgents Software Group

WinAgents RouterTweak is a specialized terminal shell making it easier to control the configuration of routers, switches and firewalls from the Cisco Systems company. Knowing the principles of working with the command line interface of Cisco devices, you can use WinAgents RouterTweak to automate the most common tasks of network device administration.

Platform: Win98,  WinME,  WinXP,  Windows2000Network & Internet- Network Monitoring
License: FreewareSize: 3.5 MBReleased: 28 July, 2008
Pre-Book Server 1.0Userful

Pre-Book eliminates time consuming sign-up sheets and painful policing of computers by automating the booking and time-limit management on computers. Perfect for Libraries, Education, Internet Cafes, Cybercafes, and Kiosks. Features include detailed policy control, external authentication, and usage logs. Easy to install and easy to run. Pre-book has ...

Pre-Book Server 1.0 by Userful
Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 3.xSecurity & Privacy- Access Control
License: FreewareSize: 26.9 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
AdventNet EventLog Analyzer Free Edition 4.0AdventNet, Inc.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer is a web-based, agent-less syslog and event log management solution that collects, archives, and reports on event logs from distributed Windows host and, syslogs from UNIX hosts, Routers and Switches. It helps organizations meet host-based security event management (SEM) objectives and adhere to demands of regulatory ...

AdventNet EventLog Analyzer Free Edition 4.0 by AdventNet, Inc.
Platform: Linux,  WinXP,  Windows2000,  Windows2003Network & Internet- Network Monitoring
License: FreewareSize: 36.0 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
Emule Speed Booster 3.1NewSpeedupBooster LLC

Emule Speed Booster is an exceptional download-acceleration program for Emule that saves your valuable time by bringing download speed to its maximum limit. Automatically finds more sources better than regular Emule. Emule Speed Booster functions also include resuming broken up downloads, clearing downloaded and erroneous files, and more...

Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 3.xNetwork & Internet- File Sharing/Peer to Peer
License: FreewareSize: 3.0 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
Morpheus Download Booster 2.8QuickSoftBooster Ltd

Morpheus Download Booster is a download-accelerator add-on application for Morpheus that saves your precious time by bringing download speed to its limit. Automatically finds more sources better then a regular Morpheus search engine and optimizes bandwidth utilization. The variety of Morpheus Download Booster functions also include resuming interrupted ...

Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 3.xNetwork & Internet- File Sharing/Peer to Peer
License: FreewareSize: 2.5 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
Imesh FasterDownload Pro 2.8SpeedUpSoftwares LLC

Imesh FasterDownload Pro is a download-accelerator add-on application for Imesh that saves your precious time by bringing download speed to its limit. Automatically finds more sources better then a regular Imesh search engine and optimizes bandwidth utilization. The variety Imesh FasterDownload Pro functions also include resuming interrupted downloads, ...

Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 3.xNetwork & Internet- File Sharing/Peer to Peer
License: FreewareSize: 2.5 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
ResChange v2.1012noon

This command line application can change your desktop width, height, color depth, and refresh rate temporarily or permanently (via command line switches). You can have ResChange run another application in a specific display resolution and return to the previous resolution when the application finishes. The command lines switches let you alter only ...

Platform: WindowsDesktop- Themes & Wallpaper
License: FreewareSize: 51.0 KBReleased: 20 May, 2009
SolarWinds TFTP Server 10.4.1SolarWinds

SolarWinds free TFTP Server is a multi-threaded TFTP server commonly used to upload and download executable images and back up configurations for routers and switches. TFTP Server is the most robust, widely-trusted, and easy-to-use free TFTP solution available.TFTP Server Highlights-Upgrade IOS images and firmware on your network devices-Back up configuration ...

SolarWinds TFTP Server 10.4.1 by SolarWinds
Platform: Windows,  WinXP,  Windows Vista Business,  Windows Vista Business x64Network & Internet- FTP Clients
License: FreewareSize: 7.1 MBReleased: 07 October, 2010
Tftp - Networking - File Transfers - Ftp
Time Station 1 3Joachim Brockes

No timer limit, precision of 1, 10 or 100 milliseconds, software calibration. Simple entering of time values, auto correct function, conversion between time format and different units from milliseconds up to years. The distribution includes a metronome and a little alarm clock. Calculations: Addition (multiple values of the same type), Subtraction ...

Time Station 1 3 by Joachim Brockes
Platform: WindowsBusiness- Calculators & Converters
License: FreewareSize: 4.3 MBReleased: 12 May, 2012
Not Now Document Edgar

Documents can only be read on a certain date and will expire after a time limit. Use this to send a special message to someone and they can only open it on a certain date. Prior to that date the document cannot be read or used. Sends via E-mail with instructions for the recipient. I wrote it because I was going away and wanted to tell my wife how much ...

Not Now Document by Craig Edgar
Platform: WindowsBusiness- Office Suites & Tools
License: FreewareSize: 861.0 KBReleased: 16 March, 2012
TimeTools Core

Stop watch and countdown are without usual limit of 24h. It is possible to have virtually unlimited number of those three tools. T-minus and countdown can trigger user defined action. To do data information exchange with other OS version is needed to do export and import of one file. User can customize look of buttons and icons according to their ...

TimeTools by Absolute Core
Platform: WindowsDesktop- Clocks & Alarms
License: FreewareSize: 1.3 MBReleased: 26 May, 2012
Advanced Tokens Manager 3 3Josh Cell Softwares

Advanced Tokens Manager, will help to make a complete and trusted backup of your activation data

Microsoft imposes a limit of activations for each license online, using the program, you can activate offline number of times you want, and enjoy your Genuine Software

The Advanced Tokens Manager is total-developed ...

Advanced Tokens Manager 3 3 by Josh Cell Softwares
Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Backup & Restore
License: FreewareSize: 3.0 MBReleased: 02 June, 2012
AnalogX AutoTab 1 1AnalogX

AnalogX AutoTab switches between active applications every couple of seconds. This software is perfect for tradeshow displays or other times when you would like your computer to switch through a variety of programs in an automated fashion.

AnalogX AutoTab 1 1 by AnalogX
Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Automation Tools
License: FreewareSize: 320.0 KBReleased: 20 May, 2012
No-Frills Command Line Unzipper 1 5S2 Services (Gods Kings and Heroes Soft)

Based on the Delphi-Zip library and coded by Ccy for S2 Services, this simple command line unzipper offers the advantage of not requiring command switches. Commands are interpreted according to argument order. The first argument is the zip file, the second is the unarchive folder and the third and more are files to be unarchived. If the second argument ...

No-Frills Command Line Unzipper 1 5 by S2 Services (Gods Kings and Heroes Soft)
Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- File Compression
License: FreewareSize: 778.0 KBReleased: 22 March, 2012
AceHelper :: Total Commander Plugin 3 5Process Explorer, Winpatrol, Glary Utilities

* Dynamic tracking of use by a plugin of processor time, and tuning under the set critical limit. (Can lead to change of set time of updating of the information on process) * Interactive management of adjustments of a plugin * On F5 - record of report on process ( F3 for viewing the report) * Tab 'General' - Display of almost full information on working ...

AceHelper :: Total Commander Plugin 3 5 by Process Explorer, Winpatrol, Glary Utilities
Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Launchers & Task Managers
License: FreewareSize: 560.0 KBReleased: 11 February, 2012
Spot the Difference II 1. 2. 2001Novel Games Limited

If you cannot find all the differences within the time limit, then you lose the game. You can use hints if you need help, but scores will be deducted. There are a total of 3 levels, the faster you finish a level, the higher the score you have.

Spot the Difference II 1. 2. 2001 by Novel Games Limited
Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Puzzle & Word Games
License: FreewareSize: 262.0 KBReleased: 10 June, 2012
Material Mole 2

Each level of the game can be complete by finishing the level in the time limit provide or the given cargo delivery limit. You can deliver the goods from one point to another, however each level has hidden gems and items to find. Can you find them all? Use Arrow keys to drive truck, Shift key to drop hidden cargo, Spacebar to move ramps and barriers ...

Material Mole 2 1.0 by
Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Sports
License: FreewareSize: 4.3 MBReleased: 03 April, 2012
Max Dirt Truck

Test your driving skills with deliver the supplies to the factory within the time limit. Hold on to your hats, because this ride is going to get bumpy! Help, hints and clues how to play is attached inside the game.

Max Dirt Truck 1.0 by
Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Sports
License: FreewareSize: 4.5 MBReleased: 10 June, 2012
Pre-Book PC Reservation Client Win

An Open Source (free) time limit management and PC reservation system. Includes both client and server components. This windows client software retrieves remaining time from the server based on username (or barcode) and password supplied by the user. A count down clock shows remaining time and logs the users out automatically once their time is up.

Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Other
License: FreewareSize: 275.0 KBReleased: 23 January, 2012

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