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Microsoft SQL Server Compact (64-Bit)

Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 is a free, embedded database that software developers can use for building ASP.NET websites and Windows desktop applications.

Platform: WindowsDevelopment- Other
License: FreewareSize: 2.5 MBReleased: 24 February, 2012
Microsoft SQL Server Compact (32-Bit)

Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 is a free, embedded database that software developers can use for building ASP.NET websites and Windows desktop applications.

Platform: WindowsDevelopment- Other
License: FreewareSize: 2.3 MBReleased: 24 April, 2012
TIS-Compact 1.1Siemens VDO Automotive

TIS-Compact III is an all-in-one downloading and archiving solution. TIS-Compact III provides a basic means of visualising, downloading, archiving and printing out vehicle and driver data.

Using a special Downloadkey which has the TIS-Compact III software pre-installed, you can quickly and securely download data from digital tachographs ...

Platform: WindowsBusiness- Other
License: FreewareSize: 0Released: 02 February, 2012
Microsoft SQL Server Compact SP2 ENU 3.5Microsoft

SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 is an embedded database that allows developers to build robust applications for Windows desktops and mobile devices. Support for the Transact-SQL Editor in Visual Studio 2010 that can be used to run free-text T-SQL queries and to view query show-plans for optimizing queries and much more.

Platform: WindowsBusiness- Other
License: FreewareSize: 5.2 MBReleased: 27 February, 2012
Compact NFO Viewer 1.2Cubic Design

Compact NFO Viewer

Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 3.xAudio & Multimedia- Other
License: FreewareSize: 35.6 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
Weeny Free Registry Cleaner 1.0Weeny Software

Weeny Free Registry Cleaner is a free software that allows you to safely clean, repair, compact, backup and restore Windows registry with easy. Weeny Free Registry Cleaner cleans and repairs invalid information in the Windows Registry to keep your PC running cleaner, faster, and error-free. Weeny Free Registry Cleaner allows you to backup your whole ...

Weeny Free Registry Cleaner 1.0 by Weeny Software
Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Registry Tools
License: FreewareSize: 974.0 KBReleased: 21 May, 2012
Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3

NET Compact Framework 3.5 Beta1 testing Redistributable contains the common language runtime and class libraries built for the .NET Compact Framework. In addition to supporting version 3.5 beta1, it also supports applications developed for

Platform: WindowsDevelopment- Other
License: FreewareSize: 33.3 MBReleased: 22 June, 2012
Compact Tray Meter 1

This compact utility displays the real-time CPU and RAM usage right on the taskbar?s notification area (next to the system clock).

Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Other
License: FreewareSize: 787.0 KBReleased: 08 March, 2012
Compact Folders Disabler - Outlook Express

Stop that annoying compact folders box appearing in Outlook Express with this little application.

Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Other
License: FreewareSize: 12.3 KBReleased: 21 May, 2012
Compact Cleaner 1.0MiniCompact Technologies

Compact Cleaner guarantees your privacy by ensuring all traces of your online Internet and device's activities are permanently erased and unrecoverable on your device. Information from every website you visit is stored on your device and recorded in hidden System locations including temporary files, cookies, system registry and the index.dat file.

Platform: WindowsSecurity & Privacy- Other
License: FreewareSize: 22.2 MBReleased: 31 March, 2012
R&S EM100 3.5Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG

Remote control software for R&S®EM100 Digital Compact Receiver.

The R&S®EM100 digital compact receiver has been specifically designed as a cost-efficient mobile radiomonitoring solution. The receiver’s operation via remote control software and its monitoring functionality have been optimized for ...

Platform: WindowsBusiness- Other
License: FreewareSize: 118.1 MBReleased: 09 May, 2012
elmeg Compact WIN-Tools 7.5Teldat GmbH

The T444 is a compact ICT system with up to six 6 a/b 2 S0 for small companies. The integrated router enables Internet access and, optionally, VoIP telephony. The T444 supports system telephony and voice applications. This system is supplied with a free software package.
elmeg WIN-Tools is a comprehensive software package that includes: elmeg ...

Platform: WindowsCommunications- Other Comms Tools
License: FreewareSize: 20.4 MBReleased: 29 May, 2012
Compact Query 1.0Yohz Software

Compact Query is a lightweight IDE for SQL Server Compact, allowing you to easily access SQL Server Compact databases without having to install a ton of frameworks and database client-side software. It's magnitudes smaller than SQL Server Management Studio, is a native code application (so it does not require the .Net framework to be installed)

Platform: WindowsDevelopment- Other
License: FreewareSize: 2.3 MBReleased: 25 February, 2012
Paradise Datacom Compact Outdoor SSPA M&C 3.3Paradise Datacom LLC

Teledyne Paradise Datacom’s Compact Outdoor (C) series SSPAs bring high power solid state transmit amplifiers right to the antenna’s feed. Designed for antenna-mount applications, the Compact Outdor series SSPAs deliver the highest uplink powers available per unit volume and weight offered anywhere in solid state technology. Packaged ...

Platform: WindowsDevelopment- Other
License: FreewareSize: 4.7 MBReleased: 20 June, 2012
Compact Printer 1.0Compact Printer

Compact Printer and Portable Printers Network Software Module new Release

Compact Printer 1.0 by Compact Printer
Platform: Linux,  Windows,  Win98,  WinXPHome & Hobby- Personal Interest
License: FreewareSize: 6.8 MBReleased: 21 May, 2013
Cheap Compact Refrigerators - Puzzle 1.0Cheap Compact Refrigerators

Cheap Compact Refrigerators; Shopping for frost free freezers can definitely be confusing for all consumers. It seems that most of us in today's society are constantly trying to find ways to save money.

We hear the horror stories about people losing their job in today's society and the last thing that we want to do is spend a lot of money ...

Platform: Windows,  Win98,  WinXPGames & Entertainment- Puzzle & Word Games
License: FreewareSize: 679.0 KBReleased: 09 March, 2013
Binoculars Compact - Puzzle 1.0Binoculars Compact

Binoculars compact; Many bird watchers out there have their share of fancy equipment like binoculars, scope, bird guides, bird song players and a whole bunch of other gadgets. However, a lot of them forget about the fact that they are going to be walking around all day during their outings. There will be times when these walks are going to be long ...

Platform: Windows,  Win98,  WinXPGames & Entertainment- Puzzle & Word Games
License: FreewareSize: 681.0 KBReleased: 27 March, 2013
SQL Compact Query Analyzer

SQL Server Compact Edition database query analyzer. A simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features.
SQL Compact Query Analyzer Features:
1. Execute SQL Queries against a SQL Server Compact Edition database
2. Shrink or Compact a database
3. Easily edit the contents of the database

Platform: WindowsServers- Other Server Applications
License: FreewareSize: 3.0 MBReleased: 03 May, 2013
SQLyog MySQL GUI 6.56Webyog Softworks Private Limited

SQLyog is an easy to use, compact and very fast graphical tool to manage your MySQL database anywhere in the world. SQLyog is a tool that allows you manage MySQL database. Import data from ODBC datasource, synchronize your database. Execute queries for updation of result. Copy databases between hosts. Generate Schema for your database. Manage Foreign ...

Platform: Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 3.x,  WinNT 4.xDevelopment
License: FreewareSize: 6.7 MBReleased: 28 July, 2008
ObjectDB for Java-JDO 0.97ObjectDB Software

ObjectDB for Java/JDO is a powerful yet compact Object Database (ODBMS) for Java, written entirely in Java, and compliant with the Java Data Objects (JDO) standard developed by Sun. ObjectDB for Java/JDO is designed to handle efficiently databases of various sizes, from a few KBs to hundreds of GBs. Among its features are small footprint, high performance, ...

Platform: Handheld,  Unix,  Windows CE,  Win95Development
License: FreewareSize: 1.2 MBReleased: 28 July, 2008
OrangeCD Player 5.1.0Firetongue Software

OrangeCD Player is a compact freeware program that allows you to listen audio CDs through your computer CD-ROM and audio card. The player supports FreeDB Internet database and integrates with music database software. Other features include various playback modes, play lists, direct track access and disc position memory. Now, if you restart your computer ...

Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 4.xAudio & Multimedia
License: FreewareSize: 1.2 MBReleased: 28 July, 2008
FreeRIP 3.09MGShareware

FreeRip is an easy to use Windows application that can record digital audio tracks directly from compact discs to PC files. You can save CD audio tracks to CD-quality WAV files or encode them to OGG Vorbis, Wma, MP3 or Flac compressed audio formats. It can also convert audio files from/to WMA, Wav, MP3, Vorbis and Flac. FreeRip supports ID3v1/v2 tagging ...

FreeRIP 3.09 by MGShareware
Platform: Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 4.x,  WinXPAudio & Multimedia- Rippers & Converters
License: FreewareSize: 1.8 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
Core Temp 0.99.1Arthur Liberman

Core Temp is a compact, no fuss, small footprint program to monitor CPU temperature. The uniqueness of it is that it shows the temperature of each individual core in a each processor in your system! You can see in real time how the CPU temperature varies when you load your CPU. Intel and AMD recently published detailed, public information about the ...

Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- System Maintenance
License: FreewareSize: 11.5 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
FuturixImager 5.9 Beta 3Alex Tereshchenko

FuturixImager (formerly Futuris Imager) is compact and customizable image viewer. FuturixImager can open more then 45 graphical formats, including all popular ones (GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, JPEG2000). Imager can also print, scan, perform basic editing, make screenshots, show camera metadata, import raw camera photos, generate histograms. Here are some ...

Platform: WindowsGraphic Apps- Viewers
License: FreewareSize: 2.0 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
microPlayer 1.4Jorge Vilas

microPlayer is a free, compact and tiny audio player intended to keep the Widget small and save valuable desktop space. It can play a single audio file, a folder full of audio files, playlist files, or CD audio tracks. You can play audio without Windows Media Player, iTunes , Winamp, or other audio players open. Uses COM (WMPlayer.OCX). Tested on Windows ...

Platform: WindowsAudio & Multimedia- CD Players
License: FreewareSize: 35.8 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
Bass Tuner 1Zeta Centauri, Inc.

This is a simple and compact (64Kb) bass guitar tuner app written using the Windows MIDI system. It supports six-string basses, but it only supports BEADGC tuning.

Bass Tuner 1 by Zeta Centauri, Inc.
Platform: WinXPAudio & Multimedia- Other
License: FreewareSize: 2.4 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
Simple Radio Recorder & Scheduler

Offers to record satellite radio, AM/FM radio broadcasts on schedule into compact MP3 files. Also allows to schedule other events like running files and opening documents. Can wake system up from standby mode or hibernation. Allows to play back sound input in real time. Perfect to record sound broadcasts to skip all commercials later. It is my preferred ...

Simple Radio Recorder & Scheduler 1.2.2 by
Platform: WinME,  WinXP,  Windows2000,  Windows2003Audio & Multimedia- Multimedia Creation Tools
License: FreewareSize: 1.0 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
RSS Toolbar Headline Toolbar 2.0Electronic Technologies

RSS Toolbar Headline Toolbar is a free compact, convenient RSStoolbar in your Internet Explorer or FireFox browser for viewing RSS/ATOM/OPML/RDF feeds. See headlines from your favorite news sources or see headlines from your favorite blogs all conveniently delivered to a compact, convenient toolbar in your Internet Explorer or FireFox browser. Does ...

RSS Toolbar Headline Toolbar 2.0 by Electronic Technologies
Platform: Win98,  WinME,  WinXP,  Windows Vista Home BasicNetwork & Internet- Browsers
License: FreewareSize: 40.0 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
MyPhoneExplorer 1.5.9FJ Software

Connect your phone via cable, bluetooth or infrared and you'll be surprised how easy and efficient you can manage your phone with this compact software. Features:Adressbook - with direct sync to Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird Organizer with calendarview and direct sync to Outlook, Sunbird, Thunderbird, Rainlendar and net shared calendars ...

MyPhoneExplorer 1.5.9 by FJ Software
Platform: Win98,  WinME,  WinXP,  Windows Vista Home BasicCommunications- Telephony
License: FreewareSize: 2.5 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
Nectar of Instruction (Pdf) 1.08Bhaktivedanta Booktrust Inc (BBTi)

Across five centuries and half the globe comes this compact guidebook of essential spiritual teachings. How to choose a guru, how to practice yoga, even where to live, you will find it all in this invaluable work originally written in Sanskrit by Srila Rupa Goswami, the greatest spiritual genius of medieval India. Now translated and illuminated by ...

Nectar of Instruction (Pdf) 1.08 by Bhaktivedanta Booktrust Inc (BBTi)
Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinXPHome & Hobby- Religion
License: FreewareSize: 44.7 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009

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