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ShoutDesigner Button Creator 1.0Shout Internet Button Creator

One of the key design elements on any web page, affecting whether or not your visitors 'convert', is the 'call-to-action' button - the button that says 'Buy Now' or 'Sign up now' - you'll have doubtless seen (and clicked on) these, on virtually every website you've visited...

Split-testing techniques have historically proven ...

ShoutDesigner Button Creator 1.0 by Shout Internet Button Creator
Platform: Windows,  WinXP,  Windows Vista Business,  Windows Vista Business x64Graphic Apps- Icon Tools
License: FreewareSize: 15.4 MBReleased: 28 March, 2012
Button Creator - Button Template - Button Generator - Button Maker
Button Madness

Surprise your friends with 18 sounds on a button press with this cool app. Available for android 1.5 or above. Browse between the different sounds and hit the button to play any sounds (touch the button image on the screen ... you'll get it from there.

Button Madness 1.0 by
Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Tools & Editors
License: FreewareSize: 577.0 KBReleased: 15 April, 2012
ACA 80x15 Brilliant Button Maker

ACA 80x15 Brilliant Button Maker is a free web 2.0 style button generator, easy and fast to use. It makes possible to create 80x15 Brilliant Buttons without the need of programs like Photoshop. Pick some colors, enter some text, and you`ll get a button you can download for your site.

ACA 80x15 Brilliant Button Maker 3.00 by
Platform: WindowsWeb Development- Web HTML Tools
License: FreewareSize: 0Released: 03 May, 2012
Windows 7 Start Button Changer 2

A freeware portable app that allows you to change the Windows 7 Start Orb or Button easily.

Platform: WindowsDesktop- Other
License: FreewareSize: 599.0 KBReleased: 19 February, 2012
Start Button 8 4.53OrdinarySoft

This is a set of two programs: Start Button for Windows 8 and the convenient Start Menu. How to add a Start Button to Windows 8? There are different answers to this question. But only Start Button 8 offers a convenient solution that is safe for your Windows. You will get a Start Button that can be customized. You can add and create your own skins for ...

Start Button 8 4.53 by OrdinarySoft
Platform: Windows,  Windows Vista Business,  Windows Vista Business x64,  Windows Vista EnterpriseSystem Utilities- Shell Tools
License: FreewareSize: 4.3 MBReleased: 04 November, 2012
Start Button 8 - Start - Button - Orb
Likno Web Button Maker Free 1.4Likno Software

Guide your users to the desired“click” by making original web buttons with our free web button maker.

Likno Web Button Maker Free 1.4 by Likno Software
Platform: WinME,  WinXP,  Windows2000,  Windows2003Audio & Multimedia- Other
License: FreewareSize: 5.3 MBReleased: 12 May, 2008
Free Buttons - Free Web Buttons - Free Button Maker - Free Web Button Maker
Demo button for Internet Explorer (IEDemoButton) 2.0.Shestakov Victor

This demo program allows to add the button into Internet Explorer "standard buttons" toolbar (where "Go back", "Go forward", "Stop"..... buttons). Unlike buttons added with standard way, this button allows to show text and show a drop-down menu when it pressed. The version 2.0 supports the Internet Explorer 7.

Demo button for Internet Explorer (IEDemoButton) 2.0. by Shestakov Victor
Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 4.xDevelopment- Compilers & Interpreters
License: FreewareSize: 39.2 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
Hide Start Button 1.0Data Recovery Info

System utility to Hide Start Button, which is located on the left of taskbar. The software is designed to restrict novice users to fiddle with installed programs, which can be accessed through Start Button. Software is useful for cyber cafe administrators, school computer teachers and home users to restrict usage of installed programs.

Platform: WinXP,  Windows2000,  Windows2003System Utilities- System Maintenance
License: FreewareSize: 1.7 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
Toolbar Button Builder

Toolbar Button Builder helps you generate Buttons for the Google Toolbar. Google Toolbar buttons are placed within the Toolbar. This custon buttons are based on XML and let you navigate and search a site, display RSS feeds in a menu, and change their icon dynamically. Toolbar Button Builder helps you create this XML code easily. Just follow 4 easy ...

Platform: WinXP,  Windows2000,  Windows2003Audio & Multimedia- Other
License: FreewareSize: 41.2 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
MouseOver Button Wizard 2.2Mike Cullen

MouseOver Button Wizard is a tool that can help beginners and save time for experts. This program generates the JavaScript needed to make rollover effects for buttons on your Web page. Just supply the images and links, and MouseOver Button Wizard will build the code--add the code and you're good to go. This program offers cut-and-paste functionality ...

Platform: Windows 98,  Windows2000,  WindowsXPWeb Development- Web Java & JavaScript
License: FreewareSize: 1.2 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
24x24 Free Button Icons

Download our 24x24 Free Button Icons set and see it improve your work instantly. Icon images are provided in size 24x24 only. There are two color schemes available, 256 and 32-bit color. The file formats are PNG, BMP, GIF and ICO. It is available for instant free download.

24x24 Free Button Icons 2010.1 by
Platform: Handheld,  Linux,  OS/2,  Palm OSDesktop- Icons
License: FreewareSize: 964.0 KBReleased: 23 January, 2010
Icon Set - Development Icon - Button Icon - Windows Icon
Windows Start Orb ViOrb

Have you ever thought that your start menu button could do with a change? We use our computer daily and we are looking at the same boring old start menu button every day. Why not change and adding smooth fading effects to it with our windows start Menu button?
Enhance your boring and dull start menu button with ViOrb. With ViOrb it is now possible ...

Windows Start Orb ViOrb 3.0.7 by
Platform: Windows,  WinXPSystem Utilities- Shell Tools
License: FreewareSize: 209.5 KBReleased: 14 November, 2011
Start Menu Button - Windows Start Menu Button - Start Menu Button Windows - Vista Start Menu Button
Better SplitButton 1.50Component Owl

NET split-button (dropdown button) control for .NET WinForms. Supports all versions of .NET framework and all Visual Studio versions.

It has native look and feel so it supports all Windows themes, including modern ones. It is highly customizable (images support, imagelist support, adjusting the split-part, etc).

Supports regular ...

Better SplitButton 1.50 by Component Owl
Platform: Windows,  WinXPDevelopment- Components & Libraries
License: SharewareSize: 1.2 MBReleased: 19 February, 2012
Split Button Control - Split Button Component - Dropdown Button Control - Dropdown Button Component
ViOrb Gold 3.0 Build 7Lee-soft

ViOrb is a very small start button replacement. ViOrb Gold was designed to give the start button a uniqe look.

It's now possible to create skins for ViOrb Gold which are bigger or even smaller than the default 'Orb' size. ViOrb 3 engine dynamically calculates the width and height of each state in the start button image file. Together with ...

ViOrb Gold 3.0 Build 7 by Lee-soft
Platform: WindowsDesktop- Other
License: FreewareSize: 205.0 KBReleased: 22 March, 2012
Taskix x64-Bit 1 5Adrian Schlesinger

Taskix was developed to rearrange buttons in MS Windows,

Simply drag with your mouse the button you want to move. Note that if "Group similar taskbar buttons" is set, you will be able to move a button inside the group or move the group as a whole, but not to move a button out of its group.

Taskix intercepts ...

Taskix x64-Bit 1 5 by Adrian Schlesinger
Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Launchers & Task Managers
License: FreewareSize: 102.0 KBReleased: 20 March, 2012
Taskix x32-Bit 2 1Adrian Schlesinger

Reorder taskbar tabs and more

Simply drag with your mouse the button you want to move. Note that if "Group similar taskbar buttons" is set, you will be able to move a button inside the group or move the group as a whole, but not to move a button out of its group. Taskix runs in Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and ...

Taskix x32-Bit 2 1 by Adrian Schlesinger
Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Launchers & Task Managers
License: FreewareSize: 215.0 KBReleased: 15 February, 2012
Button Maker v Freeware

Button Maker: Create: Buttons, Banners, Bullets, Logos etc... from this simple to use program. It also includes a scripting engine for batching hundreds of Buttons in one pass. Create and save your own Button Templates.
More Button Templates can be found in our large Resource Center. Full Product support and Help on our Forums.

Button Maker v Freeware 1.0 by
Platform: WindowsAudio & Multimedia- Multimedia Creation Tools
License: FreewareSize: 1.7 MBReleased: 13 January, 2012
Start Button Caption

With Start Button Caption you can easily set the Start button text of Windows XP.

Platform: WindowsDesktop- Other
License: FreewareSize: 279.0 KBReleased: 21 May, 2012
X-Mouse Button Control 2

X-Mouse Button Control is a windows application to remap your mouse buttons. You are able to provide an application specific mappings, which means one application can use the mouse differently from another. This is useful for games which do not inherently

Platform: WindowsDesktop- Other
License: FreewareSize: 4.0 MBReleased: 19 June, 2012
Hector's World Safety Button 1.0Hector's World

The Hector’s World Safety Button is a child-activated safety tool which children can use if something on-screen upsets or worries them.
The Hector’s World Safety Button is a simple executable file which you can download here for free. The file installs a swimming Hector’s World character in the upper right-hand ...

Platform: WindowsHome & Hobby- Personal Interest
License: FreewareSize: 2.7 MBReleased: 09 June, 2012
Shortcut Button 1.2LaCie

The shortcut button is a free software that uses a system preferences feature pane to work.This software application is easy to install, easy to use and has a friendly user interface. In order to use this software you need to connect the drive from Lacie to your computer.

Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Other
License: FreewareSize: 9.6 MBReleased: 17 March, 2012
Start Button Renamer 1.0Nitin Softwares

Start Button renamer is a very useful utility which can be used to rename the text on your start button. The main advantage of this software tool is that it is compact and small in size. This program developed by Nitin Softwares gives you an extra edge over other start button renaming tools in the software market. This is because it has a very easy ...

Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Shell Tools
License: FreewareSize: 0Released: 02 March, 2012
Likno Web Button Maker - Free 1.4Likno Software

Likno Web Button Maker - Free 1.4 is an easy to use program to create buttons for web pages.

The application includes many features and options to customize each button, to match the web page style or user requirements.

Buttons properties can be set from dimensions to lighting. Dimensions can be adjusted in width and height, ...

Platform: WindowsWeb Development- Web HTML Tools
License: FreewareSize: 5.3 MBReleased: 21 March, 2012
Like Button Plugin for Windows Live Writer 1.0Microsoft

This is Like Button Plugin for Windows Live Writer.

With all the Buzz around Facebook Like Button, its developer wanted to include it in his blog posts using a Windows Live Writer Plugin. Since he didn’t find any, he decided to create his own Facebook Like Button Windows Live Writer Plugin.
After installing Facebook Like ...

Platform: WindowsCommunications- Other Comms Tools
License: FreewareSize: 437.0 KBReleased: 23 June, 2012
Staples Easy Button 2.0Staples and Serence Inc.

The Desktop Easy Button is like a personal assistant. It makes your workday easier and a little more fun.

The Desktop Easy Button includes features like:
-See the Weekly Ad and online deals.
-Order by item number.
-Get your ink and toner.
- Access Staples Rewards.
-Find ...

Platform: WindowsDesktop- Other
License: FreewareSize: 1.7 MBReleased: 27 May, 2012
Cybersafety Help Button 1.0Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

The Australian Government’s Cybersafety Help Button provides internet users, particularly children and young people, with easy online access to cybersafety information and assistance available in Australia. It offers counselling, reporting and educational resources to assist young people deal with online risks including cyberbullying, unwanted ...

Platform: WindowsDesktop- Icons
License: FreewareSize: 764.1 KBReleased: 24 March, 2012
Mouse Button Clicker 1.0MurGee

Mouse Button Clicker is a Mouse Automation Software that can be used to click mouse buttons with a system wide configurable shortcut key. Click Middle Mouse Button, Left Click , Right Click or even Left Double Button Clicks. You will find this software very useful, if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, and you depend of time.

Platform: WindowsDesktop- Other
License: FreewareSize: 303.5 KBReleased: 05 March, 2012
Super Start Menu 1.40Magical Software

The Super Start Menu places a small unobtrusive button in the taskbar to activate the menu. There are shortcuts on the right to access the Users Profile Folder, Documents, Computer, Control Panel, Printers and Software. All installed software is displayed in a tree view format with + boxes to expand folders. The Start Menu will remember expanded folders ...

Super Start Menu 1.40 by Magical Software
Platform: Windows,  WinXPSystem Utilities- Shell Tools
License: FreewareSize: 913.4 KBReleased: 24 February, 2013
Windows 8 - Start Button - Start Menu
HomeSoftly 1.0Appgramming

Do you hate pressing the cheap plastic physical Home button on some smartphones or tablets? Is the area uncomfortable to access? Is the button starting to malfunction, or is it wearing out? Use HomeSoftly, and go to the Home screen from any app or task, just by tapping the HomeSoftly shortcut in the Android notification drawer. Very light on resources: ...

HomeSoftly 1.0 by Appgramming
Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Launchers & Task Managers
License: FreewareSize: 13.0 KBReleased: 07 May, 2013
Home - Button - Launcher - Home Button
QuSmart Button 1.0QuSmart

Use the Button control to create a push button on the Web page. You can create either a Submit button or a Command button. By default, a Button control is a Submit button. A Submit button does not have a command name (specified by the CommandName property) associated with the button and simply posts the Web page back to the server.You can use Style ...

Platform: Windows,  Win98,  WinXPDevelopment- Components & Libraries
License: FreewareSize: 13.0 KBReleased: 14 March, 2013

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