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Free App Maker 1.0Free Android App

Make free android app. Simply choose a type of app to make like trivia and ebook android apps and add your own custom content. After submitting your application our building team will create your application for to the android app store and afterwards, you can download your new app from online.

Free App Maker 1.0 by Free Android App
Platform: WindowsHome & Hobby- Recreation
License: FreewareSize: 1.1 MBReleased: 11 January, 2012
LocationBot 3 1Zurloid

LocationBot is an Android app that performs functions according to your location, e.g. switch WiFi on when you get home, turn volume down at church, pop up a reminder when you are at the shops, send an SMS when you leave work. The app can either get the location using the phone's GPS or by using wireless networks (although this is less accurate). This ...

LocationBot 3 1 by Zurloid
Platform: WindowsHome & Hobby- Recreation
License: FreewareSize: 178.0 KBReleased: 11 April, 2012
Free Android app maker 1.0Android 3

Introducing the new app maker for Android(tm). It's an easy and free way to make your own android applications online in minutes. To get started, simply choose from a wide collection of applications like games, books and photo galleries and add your pictures, text, or videos. Next, our professional app building team will create and submit your application ...

Free Android app maker 1.0 by Android 3
Platform: Windows,  Win95,  Win98,  WinMEDevelopment- Other
License: FreewareSize: 1.2 MBReleased: 01 March, 2013
SmartAppFinder GmbH

SmartAppFinder - finally an Android App Marketplace that is really fun to use!

Discover the fastest and easiest way to find the applications you need. Our database is indexed by quick-to-use search tags, and constantly updated and re-evaluated to give you the best search experience possible.
Select from a rich choice of high quality ...

SmartAppFinder by byteplant GmbH
Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Other
License: FreewareSize: 844.5 KBReleased: 15 December, 2011
Android - Apps - App Store - App Management
Cheetah Sync 1.5JRT Studio LLC

By installing a small free application on your computer and downloading the free Android app, you can pair a folder on your Android device with a folder on your computer. The files will then sync wirelessly to your Android device or to your computer, or both! It is all highly configurable and up to you. Sync whatever you want, no cloud needed. No storage ...

Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- File & Disk Management
License: FreewareSize: 1.1 MBReleased: 19 June, 2012
RemoteControl for Winamp 1.0Martin Schlodinski

The combination of the RemoteControl plugin for Winamp and the Android app allows fast and easy control of the Winamp playback over wifi. The plugin synchronizes Winamp with the app so you can sit on the sofa while browsing through your favourite playlist.
* playback control
* browse your playlist
* cover files transmission

Platform: WindowsAudio & Multimedia- Other
License: FreewareSize: 7.6 MBReleased: 24 May, 2012
Android Book App Maker--Free book APKs download-- Andersen Tale_1

We made it with Android magazine app maker. With an audio file embedded in the first cover page, so if you flip the first page, you can listen to the wonderful music. It is just demonstration for the function of audio-book. If you have manuscript in hands, you can add audio explanation for every story. All the valid hyperlinks in the PDF will be reserved.

Android Book App Maker--Free book APKs download-- Andersen Tale_1 1.0.0 by
Platform: Windows,  WinXP,  Windows Vista Business,  Windows Vista Business x64System Utilities- Text/Document Editors
License: FreewareSize: 4.0 MBReleased: 17 August, 2011
Android Book App Maker - Convert Text To App - Not Programming - Sell Advertising
Button Madness

Surprise your friends with 18 sounds on a button press with this cool app. Available for android 1.5 or above. Browse between the different sounds and hit the button to play any sounds (touch the button image on the screen ... you'll get it from there.

Button Madness 1.0 by
Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Tools & Editors
License: FreewareSize: 577.0 KBReleased: 15 April, 2012
Gallery App Creator 1.0.3Vijua

Gallery App Creator simply lets you convert your images and photo galleries into native Android apps. You may brand the app with your own icon and app name. A text caption may be displayed along each image. You can play an audio file alongside each image, giving you countless ideas for this app, such as creating narrated storybooks. Your exported gallery ...

Gallery App Creator 1.0.3 by Vijua
Platform: Windows,  Windows 8,  Win 3.1x,  Win95Development- Other
License: FreewareSize: 31.3 MBReleased: 19 August, 2014
Android - App - Galleries - Create App VPN for Android 2.4.3eVenture Limited

me Android app offers a life time free plan which can be renewed infinite times. The free plan come with a 500 MB data transfer limit for two weeks. The app is designed to be extremely user friendly and you don't even need to register/sign up. Just download the app and start using it. VPN offers 150+ servers in 55 different locations ... VPN for Android 2.4.3 by eVenture Limited
Platform: WindowsNetwork & Internet- Other
License: FreewareSize: 8.3 MBReleased: 15 April, 2019
Free Vpn - Vpn - Vpn For Android - Vpn For Samsung
Android Notifier Desktop

Multi-platform client for the android-notifier app. Get popups about phone calls, sms and more right on your desktop. This is a multi-platform desktop client for android-notifier this program is not developed by the Android app and Mac native client developer, but we are considering merging the projects.Android Notifier Desktop Features:
1. Windows ...

Platform: WindowsNetwork & Internet- Remote Computing
License: FreewareSize: 6.3 MBReleased: 23 May, 2013
Doctor Appointment Android Mobile App 1.1.0ApPHP - Advanced Power of PHP

Doctor Appointment and Clinic app is an application for your personal clinic or multiple clinics. In this application includes all information about your clinic like brief description, doctor info, services with photos, clinic address, map location etc. Patients can easy book appointment through your application and also select treatment services while ...

Doctor Appointment Android Mobile App 1.1.0 by ApPHP - Advanced Power of PHP
Platform: JavaBusiness- Other
License: SharewareSize: 1.5 MBReleased: 31 December, 2018
Android APP - Mobile App For Appointments - Doctor Appointments - Mobile Appointments
Android Injector 1.0Harmony Hollow Software

Android Injector allows you to quickly and easily install apps that you have downloaded to your computer in the form of ".apk" files onto your Android phone or device. Some phones do not allow you to install apps from any other source except the Android Market. However, some app authors do not release their apps to the Android Market and ...

Android Injector 1.0 by Harmony Hollow Software
Platform: WindowsCommunications- Telephony
License: FreewareSize: 3.4 MBReleased: 31 May, 2012
Mono for Android

Mono for Android enables developers to use Microsoft™ Visual Studio™ to create C# and .NET based applications that run on Android phones and tablets. Developers can use their existing skills and reuse code and libraries that have been built with .NET, while taking advantage of native Android APIs.


· C# and .

Platform: WindowsDevelopment- Other
License: FreewareSize: 50.4 MBReleased: 08 January, 2012
NELiX TransaX FleXPort Code Library 6.2NELiX TransaX LLC

Examples currently provided in:
- ANDROID SUPPORT! Easily integrate credit card and ACH acceptance into your Android App!!
- ASP.NET/VB.NET 3.5 WinForms example
- VB6 / Visual Basic ...

NELiX TransaX FleXPort Code Library 6.2 by NELiX TransaX LLC
Platform: Windows,  WinME,  WinNT 4.x,  WinXPWeb Development- Web E-Commerce
License: FreewareSize: 56.5 MBReleased: 05 April, 2012
Payment Processing - Gateway - Credit Card - Transaction
Goldfish Live Wallpaper 1.0Android-Fish

Goldfish Live Wallpaper shows beautiful goldfish swmming in your android phone home screen with natural habitat. You will watch the happy goldfish swing around the aquarium like real fish. It gives a detailed accurate visual affect of real goldfish swimming in an aquarium. Goldfish Live Wallpaper for Android is best android app for goldfish lovers.

Platform: WindowsDesktop- Screen Savers: Nature
License: FreewareSize: 3.3 MBReleased: 15 July, 2014
Goldfish Live Wallpaper
Tropheus Rutunga Live Wallpaper 1.0Android-Fish

Tropheus Rutunga Live Wallpaper shows beautiful Tropheus Rutunga swmming in your android phone home screen with natural habitat. You will watch the happy Tropheus Rutunga swing around the aquarium like real fish. It gives a detailed accurate visual affect of real Tropheus Rutunga swimming in an aquarium. Tropheus Rutunga Live Wallpaper for Android ...

Tropheus Rutunga Live Wallpaper 1.0 by Android-Fish
Platform: WindowsDesktop- Themes & Wallpaper
License: FreewareSize: 986.3 KBReleased: 04 September, 2014
Tropheus Rutunga - Live Wallpaper
ZenMate for Android 1.2.3ZenMate

ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN is trusted by over 6 mio. users and won the Europas Award for Best Security/Privacy Startup of 2014. Join the world’s fastest growing free VPN solution to unblock sites, enjoy advanced encryption and data compression!

Total Security & Privacy:
Secure all your internet traffic and your IP with ...

ZenMate for Android 1.2.3 by ZenMate
Platform: WindowsSecurity & Privacy- Encryption Tools
License: FreewareSize: 5.9 MBReleased: 13 November, 2014
Zenmate - Zenguard - Vpn - Internet
Buy Flavored Lambanog Coconut Wine Android App 1 1Buy Flavored Lambanog Coconut Wine

Workers risk life for a drink… ArchipelaGold must surely rank as the worlds most precious wine. The unique fruit wine derived from fermentation of coconut sap, which tastes more like a liquor than a wine, is named Archipelagold, after its south pacific origin. The Archipelago is a group of 7 thousand islands, collectively known as the Philippines, ...

Buy Flavored Lambanog Coconut Wine Android App 1 1 by Buy Flavored Lambanog Coconut Wine
Platform: WindowsHome & Hobby- Food & Drink
License: FreewareSize: 108.0 KBReleased: 11 February, 2012
OzCodes 1.1Glenn Singleton

Australian Postcode Lookup program. This small but effective free program looks up Australian postcodes from place names or the reverse, places names that share a postcode. Works on all versions of Windows & also a Mac Power PC version. A postal code (known in various countries as a post code, postcode, or ZIP code) is a series of letters and/or ...

Platform: WindowsHome & Hobby- Other
License: FreewareSize: 557.4 KBReleased: 26 March, 2012
wexclipper 0.2mickbitsoftware

wexclipper is an application for sharing the contents of your clipboard in an easy and quick way.

By pressing a key combination on your keyboard (default: Ctrl-U / Ctrl-D) or by right-clicking the wexclipper icon the current contents of your clipboard are uploaded to or downloaded from wexclipper website. Before it works you have to specify ...

Platform: WindowsNetwork & Internet- File Sharing/Peer to Peer
License: FreewareSize: 787.6 KBReleased: 07 May, 2012
LiveStream Broadcaster 7.0Livestream

There is an Android app but no support for iOS devices.

The Broadcaster itself is very simple. It detects any USB video device that you have installed and it allows you to stream video from it. In my case, it detected a few web cameras. I used one of those and started the service. I was told that I had to play to stream video privately, ...

Platform: WindowsCommunications- Web/Video Cams
License: FreewareSize: 2.2 MBReleased: 20 May, 2012
HyperNext Studio 3.8TigaByte Software

HyperNext Studio is a powerful but easy to use software creation system that allows almost anyone to quickly start building their own software.

HyperNext comes with many different examples which are fully working and make it easy for you to start making your own software right away.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced ...

Platform: WindowsDevelopment- Other
License: FreewareSize: 28.5 MBReleased: 09 April, 2012
Share My Screen Pro 1.01VendSmart Limited

Use our free iOS and Android app to share your screen with iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Android phones. Communicate using built-in voice over IP and instant messaging. Present your product remotely to multiple people without geographical restriction and distribute supporting files to users via the built-in drop box.

Share My Screen Pro 1.01 by VendSmart Limited
Platform: Windows,  WinXP,  Windows Vista Business,  Windows Vista Business x64Business- Helpdesk & Remote PC
License: FreewareSize: 23.2 MBReleased: 12 February, 2013
Screen Share - Share My Screen - Remote - Screen

WaitServ is a small software that will 'ping' a given server until it responds. It can then monitor the server for connection loss, and log any server up/down time in standard text files.
Keep several monitors running in your system tray and get a visual display of server status. You can also trigger audio events, and launch external applications ...

Platform: WindowsServers- Other Server Applications
License: FreewareSize: 130.8 KBReleased: 22 December, 2012
Cross Platform Mobile Development - Android App Developer - Iphone App Development - Software Development
App Dev Empire 1.3App Dev Empire

We are proudly provide simple desktop Android compiler for Windows users. This is most useful freeware which can be use to compile applications for Android. Using App Dev Empire app you can import single file or multiple files from your PC. Then just clicking compiler button it will generate Android application package file (APK) in your selected ...

App Dev Empire 1.3 by App Dev Empire
Platform: Windows,  Windows CE,  Win98,  WinMEHome & Hobby- Other
License: FreewareSize: 3.1 MBReleased: 24 January, 2013
App Dev Empire - Dev Empire - App Dev
DailyBible 1 1JoanSoft

DailyBible : Android Mobile Bible App.Start your day with a daily Bible verse. - Read or just Listen to it. Read the Holy Bible with a daily reading plan - Read or just Listen to it. Search for any verse or topic anywhere in the Bible. All for free. Search for 'DailyBible JoanSoft' on Android Market to install

DailyBible 1 1 by JoanSoft
Platform: WindowsHome & Hobby- Religion
License: FreewareSize: 33.0 KBReleased: 02 May, 2012
Video Converter Box for Android 1.9.0Converter Boxes

Are you an Android user who just wants to enjoy his/her videos on his/her device(s) without wasting any time trying to learn anything about conversion? Does that talk about formats seems rather gibberish to you?

Video Converter Box for Android is what you need. It was designed to take care of this nasty job for you the simplest way possible ...

Video Converter Box for Android 1.9.0 by Converter Boxes
Platform: Windows,  WinXPAudio & Multimedia- Rippers & Converters
License: FreewareSize: 7.0 MBReleased: 06 October, 2013
Video Converter Box For Android - Free Android Converters - Android Formats - Android Converter
Android Video Turbo Converter 1.3.0AllMediaConverters

In search for a quick and easy solution to have your videos playable on your Android devices? You've just landed in the right place!

Android Video Turbo Converter was created to help you convert your favorite movies and clips as easy as possible and at best quality.

The program installs in seconds and due to its very powerful ...

Android Video Turbo Converter 1.3.0 by AllMediaConverters
Platform: Windows,  Windows 8,  WinXP,  Windows Vista BusinessAudio & Multimedia- Rippers & Converters
License: FreewareSize: 6.6 MBReleased: 06 September, 2014
Video Turbo Converter For Android - Avi To H264 - Mpeg4 To H264 - Free Android Converters
Win Mobile Spy App w PC Monitoring 35Mobile Spy Solutions

Win Mobile Spy App w PC Monitoring is a Complete Monitoring Spy Software. With Win Mobile Spy you can monitor your 1) Local PC or 2) Remote PC or any 3) Mobile Phone. It is a complete all monitoring package.

Win Mobile Spy includes PC Remote Install and Realtime Remote PC Monitoring

With Win Spy Software Remote, you can ...

Platform: Windows,  Windows ServerSecurity & Privacy- Covert Surveillance
License: DemoSize: 35.5 KBReleased: 24 December, 2018
Mobile Spy - Phone Spy - Spy Software - Mobile Spy App

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