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10 Minute Action Plans 5.0.2TASKey Pty Ltd

Instructions are included on how to complete an action plan in less than 10 minutes. Examples of completed plans are provided. The Plan Template is easy to learn and use. The plan template is provided free of charge for personal use. Key benefits of TASKey Action Plan Template are: • a simple easy to understand layout is provided • relatively ...

10 Minute Action Plans 5.0.2 by TASKey Pty Ltd
Platform: WindowsBusiness- Other
License: FreewareSize: 323.0 KBReleased: 27 March, 2012
Action Replay Code Manager 1.2Datel Design & Development

Action Replay DS is a powerful cheat code system for Nintendo DS. This program, Action Replay Code Manager, allows you to connect your PC to your Action Replay DS cartridge via USB to add new codes which can be downloaded from various Internet sources using
this software.

Platform: WindowsSystem Utilities- Other
License: FreewareSize: 8.5 MBReleased: 02 July, 2012
Action Replay DSi Code Manager 4.0Datel Design & Development

Dependant on where you purchased your Action Replay DSi™ it may include a software disc containing the Code Manager PC software application and USB drivers.
If your Action Replay DSi™ does not include a software disc or you have misplaced the software disc.

Platform: WindowsAudio & Multimedia- Other
License: FreewareSize: 11.1 MBReleased: 23 March, 2012
Alien Riposte

Download Action Game Alien Riposte and Play for Free!

Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinXPGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 10.7 MBReleased: 12 May, 2008
Alien Riposte - Action - Shooter - Alien
Jail action game 005AB Kids games

Kids like action games. Use this game for free and fun. This is free online jail kids game. This game develop actions of your child. Play kids game. All kids like games. Play it online free. jigsaw puzzle . Kids like games. jigsaw puzzle Use this game for free and fun. This is free online jigsaw puzzle kids game. This game develop your child. Play ...

Jail action game 005 by AB Kids games
Platform: Mac OS,  Mac OS X,  Mac Other,  Mac PPCEducation- Kids
License: FreewareSize: 14.0 KBReleased: 12 May, 2008
Kids - Like - Action - Games.
10 in 1 Action & Arcade games 1.01SWFBOX

Game collection with 10 free action & arcade games: "A.L.I.A.S 2", "Banana Barrage", "Crazy Shooter", "Guardian Angel", "Kumite 1.0", "Neon", "Pearl Harbour", "Shield Defense", "Superspeed Soccer", "U-Force"

10 in 1 Action & Arcade games 1.01 by SWFBOX
Platform: Win98,  WinXP,  Windows Vista Home Basic,  Windows Vista Home PremiumGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 5.9 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
Action DVD & DivX Player

Play and manage your DVD and DivX collection with this action packed DVD and DivX Player. Action DVD & DivX Player supports all major movie and video file types such as AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, DIVX, and XVID. Manage your movie collection with action based tool buttons and easy to access context menus. The movie page offers a complete overview ...

Action DVD & DivX Player 2.8.0 by
Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 4.xAudio & Multimedia- Video Tools
License: FreewareSize: 1.5 MBReleased: 12 January, 2009
Action Planning Software v2.0

Action Planning Software Strategy Development Framework Model, Strategic Management.

Action Planning Software v2.0 by
Platform: WindowsBusiness- Other
License: FreewareSize: 13.4 MBReleased: 20 May, 2009
Fight To Kill v1Free Downloadable Games

It is a full blooded arcade action game. Your objective is to fight your opponents and to finish them up. It involves ninja moves, jumps, kicks, and all other moves a true fighter needs to eliminate his opponents. The best thing about this game is you do not need more than 30 seconds to get to know all the moves. That is what makes it so much fun to ...

Fight To Kill v1 by Free Downloadable Games
Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 1.6 MBReleased: 20 May, 2009
Xiao Xiao 4 v1.00Get Free Flash Games

Fast-paced, frantic shooting action. 100% free, try this action-packed game today!. ° Get Free Flash Games | Your Home For Free Flash Games! °.

Xiao Xiao 4 v1.00 by Get Free Flash Games
Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 2.0 GBReleased: 20 May, 2009
Stande Shooting

Stande Shooting is an Action Shooting game for free. You are released here in enemy grounds. Your mission is simple: hold the time assigned in each level. You will be able to use your rifle by pressing on the key S as your sabre with key Z. CAUTION: Be wary because there is no separation between the levels, very is connected. On this, good luck soldier!

Stande Shooting 1.0 by
Platform: Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 3.xGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 2.5 MBReleased: 13 June, 2009
Stande Shooting - Action Shooting - Puzzle Game - Brain Game
Hollys Water Balloon

Hollys Water Balloon is an interesting action game for free. Robby and Kyle are at it again. Instead of doing their chores they decided to challenge Holly to a water balloon fight. Help Holly take them on by launching as many water balloons at them as you can before time runs out. Score a point each time you soak Robby or Kyle. Be careful not to hit ...

Hollys Water Balloon 1.0 by
Platform: Windows,  Win95,  Win98,  WinMEGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 2.2 MBReleased: 15 February, 2010
Hollys - Water - Balloon - Action
Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action 1 2Play Time Management

Return to Jill Evans' hometown of Bakersfield in Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action, a fun and exciting Time Management game! Now an attractive and quaint tourist destination bustling with new stores, Bakersfield has caught the eye of Hollywood producers scouting locations to film their next big action blockbuster. As production gets underway, Bakersfield ...

Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action 1 2 by Play Time Management
Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Arcade
License: FreewareSize: 114.8 MBReleased: 09 March, 2012
Sly Fox

Addictive skill free game bright and absorbing by This sly fox steals eggs, it penetrated into the hen house and catch eggs, and you will need all your skill to prevent the eggs drop. Each caught egg brings you 100 scores, the eggs falls quicker and quicker. If five eggs are drop, the game is over. Controls either keys W,A,S,D ...

Sly Fox 1.0 by
Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Arcade
License: FreewareSize: 305.0 KBReleased: 23 April, 2012
Warfare 1917 1

Warfare 1917 is an interesting action game for free. Take control over the German or British troops and send out tanks, snipers, officers and gunners. Or bombard the enemy territory with all kinds of fire support. Play in skirmish mode or campaign mode to conquer Europe in this beautiful World War 1 strategy game. Drag units onto the field and take ...

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Strategy & War Games
License: FreewareSize: 7.4 MBReleased: 19 March, 2012
Free Game Clown 1. 1. 2000Free Game Base

It covers a variety types of games including action, shooting, sports, puzzles, kids and so on. With this wonderful software, you can easily play, download, comment more than 2500 games free, without worrying about virus and pop-up advertisements. The interface of Free Game Clown is so direct and user-friendly that even a computer new hand can handle ...

Free Game Clown 1. 1. 2000 by Free Game Base
Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Tools & Editors
License: FreewareSize: 2.6 MBReleased: 13 January, 2012
Huntafox 1

Kids like action games. Use this game for free and fun.

Huntafox 1 6 by
Platform: WindowsEducation- Teaching & Training Tools
License: FreewareSize: 0Released: 01 May, 2012
001 Action / RPG Maker 1

A game creation engine where you can bring your Action RPG and RPG ideas to life! With a new twist to point-and-click (PnC) events, and a high level of customization for characters, vehicles, items, and magic, it makes it a fun and rewarding platform on w

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Adventure & Roleplay
License: FreewareSize: 12.4 MBReleased: 18 February, 2012

Subvein is a free multi-player action game. It has over 20 weapons, a strategic skills system, crazy vehicles and countless user-generated maps. It?s tactical, fast-paced and most importantly, fun!

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 21.6 MBReleased: 03 April, 2012
Class Action Killers

Class Action Killers is a 3D 3rd-person shooter game. Attorney Max Fees has dispatched his lethal lawyers to destroy the city. You must stop his lawyers and put an end to Max Fees. Be especially careful of the female lawyers as they love to attack from be

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 13.9 MBReleased: 23 June, 2012
Wallpaper Action 5.2WPA

Wallpaper Action is a program capable of changing your desktop wallpaper from time to time.The program chooses the images randomly from different folders.For each folder you can set a frequency.The higher the value is set for a specific folder, the more likely the next picture is chosen from this folder.

Platform: WindowsDesktop- Themes & Wallpaper
License: FreewareSize: 606.2 KBReleased: 24 May, 2012
Alliance of Valiant Arms 50.10.1222NHN USA INC. & ijji Games LLC.

A) provides heart-pumping fragging action in an Unreal Engine 3-based game. The modern warfare experience promises multi-player online gaming and twitch-based fast action first-person shooter (FPS) action, resulting in visceral, intense combat unlike any other.

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 4 BReleased: 06 May, 2012
Prime World 9.1Nival

Prime World is a cross-platform action strategy game, which fuses the intense action of competitive multiplayer online battle arena sessions with the fun, social pleasures of castle building and hero recruiting. Step into the vibrant action-strategy game, Prime World, which pits two nations at war over a magical resource. Choose from dozens of heroes ...

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 256.7 KBReleased: 23 March, 2012
Action 52in 1.0segabandonware

Action 52in 1 is completely free. It is also a captivating and relaxing game that gives you a good mood in your free time.

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 1024.0 KBReleased: 06 March, 2012
Tank In Action

Tank In Action, is a fantastic game of extraordinary quality and simplicity, which gives as a result: a cute game that is small in disk space, free and highly entertaining.

The game deals with a tank, which you control and this tank must move from point "A" to point "B", the time you take to do this will be checked ...

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 2.9 MBReleased: 30 March, 2012
Burning Thirst 1.0Ninja Monkeys Team

Burning Thirst is an action game with brutal fighting, using contact weapons in a God of War stile. Following a Grindhouse esthetical it is set in a post apocalyptic world.

In the game you are Joe Blades, an ex aircraft pilot who survived the catastrophe. Our main object is to retrieve the last existing whisky bottle, which is in Perdition ...

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 106.9 MBReleased: 01 June, 2012
Last Action Hero

Last Action Hero for the NES, Super NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Boy and Sega Game Gear is one of a handful of video game adaptations of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film of the same name, this time by Sony Imagesoft. A Sega Master System version was also developed, but never released. Unlike many such adaptations, the game closely follows the plot and ...

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 804.0 KBReleased: 01 July, 2012
GetClub Dogs and Fishes 2.0GetClub

GetClub Dogs and Fishes is a fun action game which can be played online if you are connected to the internet.
As you win the Fishes increases and the more you win the higher the score is. All you have to do in order to win is to eat all bananas and cherries and kill all fishes saving yourself from dinosaurs.
Your score is recorded in Hall ...

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 515.9 KBReleased: 09 January, 2012
FunnyGames - Insect Onslaught 1.0FunnyGames

FunnyGames - Insect Onslaught , a fun action shooter game .
Insects are falling down from the flowers and they are attacking you. Shoot the insects and destroy the flowers.In this game you can upgrade the weapons you can use , buy more powerful weapons , build defense structures .

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Action
License: FreewareSize: 773.6 KBReleased: 30 January, 2012
FunnyGames - Crazy Flasher 3

Crazy Flasher 3, a free online action game where you can fight against superior forces in dangerous streets. Beat everybody and everything that moves. You start off only with your fist, but after every round once you beat some enemies you earn money and you can purchase various weapons. Use your fighting skills to master all competition

Platform: WindowsGames & Entertainment- Arcade
License: FreewareSize: 774.1 KBReleased: 19 April, 2012

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